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Teaching a 30-hour class on Cybersecurity at the Accademia di Cybersicurezza del Lazio.

The covered topics are:

OCTOBER 31, 2023


Systems and Methods for RFID Positioning, US Patent App. 17/650,571

SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

EduGreen Lab

The multidisciplinary laboratory equipped with cutting edge instruments to educate young generation of students to science, biology and green electronics is ready.

JUNE 30, 2023

Massive Open Online Course on Augmented Reality

Through Scuola Futura, teachers can learn the basics on Augmented Reality and its potential in education. Details available here

APRIL 15, 2023

Arduino and Electronics 

From January to April, experiencing electronics through Arduino with students from Istituto Tecnico Agrario Emilio Sereni in Rome and Istituto Alberghiero Palombara Sabina (RM).

OCTOBER 5, 2021

Welcome to the 2021 IEEE RFID-ta

The IEEE International conference on RFID – Technologies and Applications is about to start. Have a look at the technical program, attend the live streaming from Oct. 6th to Oct. 8 2021 and review the video presentations and the technical content until Oct. 30th. More info available here.

FEBRUARY 4, 2021

IEEE RFID 2021 – Hybrid Edition

This year, the IEEE International conference on RFID will be held both ONLINE and at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. There are still few days left to submit your work and broadcast it worldwide on Apr. 27-29 2021.
Be part of it

NOVEMBER 8, 2020


I embarked in a new adventure: teaching Informatics for High School Students.

The COVID-19 emergency forced many schools to work from home and brought up new challenges for teaching and evaluating students. This can be a chance to experience with new teaching methods.

At this link I will post some teaching materials (currently in Italian) prepared for my classes thought at ITIS Galileo Galilei in Rome.

OCTOBER 30, 2020

IEEE RFID 2020 – Online Edition

The online experimental conference, IEEE RFID 2020, was a huge success. There were 135 registered attendees, the interactive paper sessions averaged 30-35 attendees and the average “on-demand” talk received 36.3 views. See you next year at the IEEE RFID 2021, 27-29 April 2021!

OCTOBER 24, 2019

Maker Faire, European Edition

At the European Edition of the Maker Faire in Rome, the Pervasive Electromagnetic Lab and Radi6ense showcased RFID Wireless Sensors for epidermal applications.

MAY 4, 2019

IEEE RFID 2019 and RFID Journal Live! 2019

In April the IEEE RFID 2019 and the RFID Journal Live! 2019 were held in Phoenix. I put together some notes (here) about what did I see.

MARCH 25, 2019

Workshop on epidermal sensors

On March 26th 2019, a workshop on Epidermal Electronics will be held at Tor Vergata University (Rome). It will present plaster-like body sensors for precision medicine and activity monitoring and their integration with 5G networks.

More details are available here

JUNE 15, 2018

The “Making-of” an article

Writing, like research, is a creative effort that requires concentration, time and perseverance. When writing, I find fascinating to monitor the evolution of a manuscript from its simple short draft to a final full article. Co-authors’, reviewers’, and editors’ comments are always extremely valuable for the final improvement.

For learning purposes, I store the evolution of my articles. I decided to put online some of them.