Database Design


In Oct – Nov 2006, in collaboration with Dr. Antonio Di Noia and Mrs. Anna Sconocchia, I designed a data base management system as well as a website for the consulting and updating of the data base itself.

The project aims at displaying (and updating) in real time the info about the Italian Soccer League. It comes with a database system and a website. The first allows to save data and retrieve the, when queried, the second allows the users to interaction with the data base through a user-friendly interface. Two types of users are identified: the common user who is allowed only to query the database ; and the super-user (i.e.: a referee) that can add new data to the system during or after the match.

Design Material

The database was loaded onto The database was also extracted and saved on a CD rom through the mysqldump command. The CD (available upon request) contains the source codes for website (php, html, cst) as well.

Reported Work

A report of the work is available here.