My main research focus is on wireless communications, microwave, and mmWave engineering. In particular, I am interested in improving the communication performances of low powered wireless sensors using backscattering links. My interests had me to investigate on several fields within electrical and computer engineering, from antennas and microwave circuits design, to communication protocols and networks.

I am now teaching Informatics at ITIS Galileo Galilei in Rome.

In 2019 and 2020 I worked as researcher at Tor Vergata University (Rome, Italy) with Prof. Gaetano Marrocco on RFID sensing at UHF, microwave, and mmWave frequencies for epidermal applications.

In Nov. 2018 I finished my research activity at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Pisa, Italy) at the Digital & Microwave Photonics Group with Prof. Antonella Bogoni. My research focus was on Long-range, low-powered sensing with RFIDs and on Photonic-based Radars. In particular, I was running experimental work to explore microwave photonic technology applied to Radar and 5G networks.

In January 2017 I completed, with Prof. Gregory Durgin, the doctoral program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Propagation Group of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta (GA, USA) where I arrived as Fulbright scholar in 2012. While pursuing my degree, in 2015, I ran research work at the Intel Labs in Santa Clara (CA, USA).

My academic and professional background is in engineering. I received my Bachelor and Master degrees in Telecommunication engineering from Tor Vergata University (Rome, Italy) in 2006 and 2009, respectively where I worked on satellite data processing for Precision Agriculture and developed an RFID sensor to wirelessly monitor the physical changes of an object. After my studies in Italy, I worked as professional engineer at the satellite operator company SES (Luxembourg) where I was involved, among other projects, in the design of a miniaturized dish antenna for direct to home receivers.

I have been the recipient of honors and awards including the William C. Brown Fellowship; the best paper award and the Clive Hohberger Technology Award at the IEEE International Conference on RFID in 2019. During my Ph.D studies I received two Georgia Tech Research and the Innovation graduate student awards in 2013 and 2014. I have been a Fulbright and a GoStem fellow.

Research Interests

Long range, low-powered RFIDs; Wireless power transfer; Antenna design; Microwave Circuit Design; 5G; Microwave Photonics